Donations Made by LVCPAAA

The following table shows the details of the $ donated by the LVCPAAA from to .

Dec 2014Camera for EVOC$1,050.00
Nov 2014Gun Trauma Kit for the Range$500.00
Sep 2014Photoshop Program and Classroom Numbers for AOST$290.00
Jul 2014Color Printer for Headquarters$450.00
Jun 2014Lanyards for Headquarters$300.00
Jun 2014Equipment for Training Academy$1,550.00
Jun 2014Donations to the Families of Officers Beck, Soldo and Wilcox$300.00
May 2014Recruiting Materials$3,000.00
Apr 2014Training Supplies for RBT$325.00
Apr 2014Swamp Cooler for RBT$350.00
Apr 2014Ronald McDonald House for James Oak's Daughter - Katlyn$100.00
Mar 2014Coffeemaker for AOST$175.00
Mar 2014Shirts for Intergovernmental Service Leadership Academy$200.00
Feb 2014Training Knives for AOST$150.00
Feb 2014Veteran's Tribute Memorial High School Uniforms$4,800.00
Jan 2014Civilian Baker 2 Vegas Shirts$200.00
Dec 2013TV/DVD for the Training Center$150.00
Dec 2013Obstacle Wall for Academy$500.00
Nov 2013Uniform Contribution for Technical High School$4,800.00
Oct 2013Swamp Cooler for RBT$350.00
Sep 2013Officer David Salgado$100.00
Aug 2013Flags for the Mojave Room$450.00
Aug 2013MILO Simulator for the Training Center$1,995.00
Jul 2013Coolers for AOST/RBT$100.00
Jun 2013Fallen Officers' Frames.$100.00
May 2013Flat Screen TV for SWAT$390.00
Apr 2013Flat Screen TV for AOST$400.00
Apr 2013LVMPD Chiefs Conference$500.00
Mar 2013Paint for AOST Sheds$500.00
Mar 2013Metric Tools for EVOC$225.00
Mar 2013Color Printer for Range$300.00
Mar 2013Network Ready Printer for AOST$450.00
Feb 2013Security Cameras for AOST$575.00
Feb 2013Props for AOST Room$36.00
Jan 2013Taser Props$65.00
Jan 2013Police Unity Tour$200.00
Jan 2013Capstone Camper Fund$100.00
Dec 2012Special Award for Officers Peto and Kruse$200.00
Dec 2012T-Shirts for Baker-to-Vegas$200.00
Oct 2012Heavy Bag for Traffic$130.00
Sep 2012Security Gates for Range$515.00
Aug 2012Kettle Bells & Fans for AOST$105.00
Aug 2012First Aid Kits for HQ$70.00
Jul 201260 Classroom Chairs for Mojave$2,050.00
Jun 2012Paint Balls for AOST$105.00
Apr 2012Canvas Tarp for AOST$210.00
Apr 2012Fence Fabric for AOST$250.00
Apr 2012Video Equipment for HR Dept at HQ$1,075.00
Apr 2012Reusable Target Paint Balls for AOST$165.00
Mar 2012Installation Equipment for AOST Cameras$55.00
Feb 2012Computer Monitor for Academy$90.00
Oct 2011Exterior Flags for LVMPD HQ Bldg$700.00
Oct 2011Kickboxing Shields for AOST$670.00
Oct 2011Boxing Gloves & Headgear for AOST$2,200.00
Oct 2011Dedication Brick for LVMPD HQ$500.00
Sep 2011Heavy Bag for AOST$185.00
Sep 2011Friends of Shelley Vorce$100.00
Sep 2011Toner for Metro/Salvation Army$70.00
Jul 2011Replacement Eye Shields for AOST$480.00
Jul 2011HDCP Parking Signs for MVP$200.00
Jun 2011Fax/Copier/Printer for AOST$260.00
Jun 2011IPOF - McCleery & Rundell$200.00
Feb 2011Security Cameras for Range$1,100.00
Jan 2011Paint Materials for Mojave$82.00
Jan 2011Hanging Brackets for Heavy Bags for AOST$475.00
Dec 2010MILO System for AOST$35.00
Dec 2010Projection Equipment for AOST$1,650.00
Nov 2010Replica Tools for AOST$880.00
Oct 2010Paint for Mojave$400.00
Sep 2010Binding Machine for Academy$140.00
Aug 2010Family of Officer Patrick Stevens$100.00
Aug 2010Retooling of Bayonets for Honor Guard$230.00
Aug 2010Family of Officer John Hanover$100.00
Jun 2010Laminator for DTAC$200.00
May 2010Paint and Deck Cover for Sim House$410.00
May 2010Donation to Families of Fallen Officers for Trip to Washington DC$255.00
Apr 2010Weather Shooting Gloves for AOST$370.00
Mar 2010Bayonets for Metro Honor Guard$970.00
Jan 2010Family of Officer Daniel Leach$100.00
Jan 2010Brass Wizards for Range & AOST$150.00
Jan 2010Sledge Hammers for Training Academy$150.00
Jan 2010Donation to AOST$200.00
Dec 2009CPA graduation refreshments$55.00
Dec 2009Color Laser Printer to NWAC$350.00
Nov 2009Family of Officer Trevor Nettleton$100.00
Oct 2009Paint and Carpeting for the SIM house remodeling.$715.00
Oct 2009Advanced Tactical Camera for Training Academy$200.00
Oct 2009SIM house$250.00
Oct 2009Family of Officer Milburn Beitel$100.00
Sep 2009Materials for Spanish CPA$50.00
Jun 2009Gas grill & Cover for AOST.$405.00
Jun 2009Toaster for Training Academy.$50.00
Jun 2009External hard drive "The Book" for Homicide Division.$480.00
Jun 2009Backup Software for Training Academy.$475.00
Jun 2009Dreamweaver Software for AOST.$385.00
May 2009Patio cover for AOST.$575.00
May 2009Family of Officer James Manor$100.00
Mar 2009Defensive tactics equipment for AOST$910.00
Mar 2009Materials for Spanish CPA$50.00
Oct 2008Rebuild viewing stands at the LVMPD Shooting Range.$100.00
Oct 2008Defensive Tactics Mats for SWAC$500.00
Oct 2008Taser suit/control force for AOST$500.00
Sep 2008Materials for Spanish CPA$50.00
Jul 2008Water coolers for Cheyenne Training Bureau$100.00
Jul 2008Rebuild Viewing Stands at the LVMPD Shooting Range.$400.00
Jul 2008Project R.E.A.L.$100.00
Jun 2008Landscaping in front of the AOST Sim House.$450.00
May 2008Camcorder and Charger for CAYAF$400.00
Apr 2008Skirting and Landscaping around the Sim House.$600.00
Mar 2008Materials for Spanish CPA$50.00
Feb 2008Refrigerator for the Mojave Academy$400.00
Jan 2008Metro Nevada State Crime Prevention Association$100.00
18 Dec 2007Furniture for CAYAF$925.00
Dec 2007NWAC Crime Prevention$200.00
Nov 2007Glow Sticks for Shooting Range$100.00
Oct 2007Spanish CPA Graduation$50.00
Sep 2007Materials for Spanish CPA$50.00
Jul 2007Refrigerator for Training Center$375.00
Jul 2007Shredder and Microwave for the Metro shooting range$300.00
May 2007Coroner's Office Training & Education$100.00
Apr 20078 five gallon water coolers for Training Center.$150.00
Mar 2007Printer for MVP$165.00
Feb 2007Refrigerator for SWAT$375.00
Feb 2007$600 check and $1,000 in clothing for Child Haven$1,600.00
Jan 2007Lumber for Tactical Center$200.00
Jan 2007Flag poles for Training Bureau$240.00
Nov 2006Camera System for Tactical Center$400.00
Sep 2006Target Material for Shooting Range$100.00
Jul 2006Display Material for Training Room$175.00
Jun 2006Gift Certificate for MVP Pgm$250.00
Jun 2006Refrigerators for Training Center$650.00
Apr 2006Flag Poles for Training Room$240.00
Apr 2006Cabinets for Training Room$400.00
Feb 2006Copier/Fax for Training Center$300.00
Jan 2006Back Pack Pgm for Child Haven$1,150.00
Jan 2006Paint and Accessories for Training Room$235.00
Sep 2005Obstacle Course for Training Center$300.00
Sep 2005Tactical Gear for NEAC$4,750.00
Aug 2005Refrigerator for Training Center$450.00
Aug 2005Obstacle Course for Training Center$300.00
Jul 2005Back-to-School at Child Haven$200.00
May 2005Shoot Contest at the Range$250.00
May 2005Furnishings for Training Center$500.00
Mar 2005Skull & Eyes for Forensics$300.00
Mar 2005Coroner Training & Education$100.00
Feb 2005Heavy Bags for Training Center$500.00
Oct 2004Obstacle Course for Training Center$700.00
Jun 2004More Cops Committee$250.00
Jun 2004Ms. Debbie Rock's Daughter$250.00
Mar 2004Computer for Homicide$400.00
Mar 2004Shirts, Hats and Jackets for MVP Program$2,050.00
Jan 2004Memorial Wreaths for Honor Guard$125.00
Oct 2003Ron Guercioni's Son$250.00
Oct 2003Sgt. Richard Scobie's Daughter$250.00
Oct 2003Color Printer for NWAC$389.00
Apr 2003Training Helmets for AOST$2,205.00
Mar 2003Shirts for MVP program$300.00