Las Vegas Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association


To provide volunteer manpower and to assist in finding ways to provide rank and file officers equipment and supplies or programs that are not part of Metro’s annual budget, but which are needed, and in special circumstances to provide benevolent help to Metro’s officers and their families in time of need.


The LVCPAAA, established in 1998, is a non-profit tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (EIN: 31-1591141). It was formed to bring together graduates of the Citizens’ Police Academy, and to enhance relations between the community and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Our organization has grown to more than two hundred members and continues to grow with every graduating class (three each year). Activities include opportunities for the continuing education of members, and the organization’s support and promotion of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

What We Do -- Charitable Donations to LVMPD

Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association functions to raise funds to help LVMPD with things that are not in the budget. We hold two major fund raising events each year, June Match and Holiday Potluck/Auction in December.

CPAAA has donated more than $180,000 to LVMPD. Donations represent unbudgeted items needed by various Departments and Bureaus. Our emphasis is on granting requests for training, where we get the most value for the investments.

CPAAA also functions closely with the Metro Volunteer Program headed by Sharon Harding. Sharon Harding also serves as an advisor to our board. Many of our members are also MVP’s. Not just volunteering for CPAAA, but also donating their timeĀ  for various events and charities under the direction of Sharon Harding.

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Monthly Meetings

Our meetings are held at the Metro Training Center located at
9880 W Cheyenne Ave, LV NV 89129 (google map).
Check the Event Calendar for other meetings and events.

Verlan Mike Ward

Vice President

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