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Adriana Saenz

At Large Director

I have been involved with LVMPD since 2014 in community events.

In 2018, I completed the Civil Hispanic Academy with officer Dave Cienega. Then completed the academy again in 2020 with officer Sam Diaz.

I am also part of Nevada Child Seekers and I have been involved in many searches for missing children.

I have been a CPAAA alumni since 2020.
Being a member of CPAAA, I feel for the passing of every officer and make sure to be present at their funerals.

I call usually 4-5 times a month to report drivers who are driving dangerously.

I am a Fitness Director with Propta Academy, and I have been a personal trainer and nutrition tech for 20 years. In August 2022, I opened the first gym in Las Vegas, Healthy Kids Gym, dedicated to helping youth with overweight and health problems. Now, Healthy Kids Gym is a provider of Medicaid, NV Check-up, Anthem, Palco and Respite foundation as I help kids with Down-syndrome and Autism.

I believe that everyone should be a responsible citizen and we all need to do our part into creating a safe society.