Las Vegas Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association


 The program first started under the direction of then Sheriff John Moran in 1991. Sheriff Bill Young, Sheriff Doug Gillespie, and our present Sheriff Joe Lombardo have all continued the program. We now have a waiting list for this very popular program. The Citizens Police Academy has had over 2,900 graduates from the program, and looks forward to even more of our outstanding citizens participating in this program in the years to come. The academy gives our citizens first-hand information on how and why the Department operates, and examines the culture of police work and the organization. It provides an excellent opportunity for the citizens to interact with Department members.

Captain Dan Bledsoe with Launcher

The Citizens Police Academy (C.P.A.) is a 12-week program which gives our community members first-hand information on the on the role of police officers in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD). The students meet every Wednesday evening from 6 pm to 9 pm. The program involves both classroom and interactive instruction. Participants are given the same information that our police recruits and officers taking in-service classes receive.

Class Schedule

A Day at the Range

The Citizens’ Police Academy is NOT an offer of employment. It is a volunteer organization and program to educate those respected members of our community who want to hear information on law enforcement and the LVMPD right from the source. Upon graduation, all the participants can become members of the Citizens’ Police Academy Alumni Association. The association meets once a month, on the third Thursday, where they will have guest speakers from various law enforcement / legal agencies. The association also conducts special tours periodically during the year. The membership includes a quarterly newsletter keeping members updated on LVMPD. If you are interested in the Citizens’ Police Academy, click the button below for an application.

A Visit With S.W.A.T.

Class Schedule

Week 1 – Orientation /Welcome, Crime Prevention Overview, Metro Organization & Culture
Week 2 – The Active Shooter, K-9 Demonstration
Week 3 – Life as a Police Officer, Constitutional Law
Week 4 – County Jail Tour
Week 5 – Use of Force/OIO, Homicide
Week 6 – Vice, Narcotics
Week 7 – Tactical Night
Week 8 – CPA Alumni Association, Metro Volunteer Program, Search & Rescue, Traffic/DUI Enforcement
Week 9 – Identity Theft & Fraud, CSI
Week 10 – Off Wellness/PEAP, Gangs
Week 11 – Firearms, SWAT Demonstration
Week 12 – Graduation (5:30 p.m. Class Photo/Practice)

  • Classes are held at The Jerry Keller Training Center, 9880 W. Cheyenne,  Las Vegas, 89129
  • Range/SWAT Night is held at the LVMPD Range, 7600 E. Carey Ave.
  • Graduation Ceremony will take place at The Jerry Keller Training Center,
    9880 W. Cheyenne, Las Vegas, 89129 

Hispanic Citizens Police Academy (HCPA) - ACADEMIA CIVIL HISPANA

  • Classes are held at LVMPD Headquarters or as listed below:

Consulate General El Savador (8/16/2023 class)
765 N Nellis Blvd #5
Las Vegas, NV 89110

  • Range/SWAT Night is held at the LVMPD Range, 7600 E. Carey Ave.
  • Graduation Ceremony will take place at The Jerry Keller Training Center,
    9880 W. Cheyenne, Las Vegas, 89129

Dates and Locations

Verlan Mike Ward

Vice President

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