Laurie Buchman


Laurie Buchman, from Detroit, earned a BA and MAT in education from Oakland University in Rochester, MI.  She retired from City of Oak Park Department of Recreation and West Bloomfield School District both located just north of Detroit. 

She was an elected West Bloomfield Parks and Recreation Commissioner from 1984-2002.  Laurie served on the City of Las Vegas Recreation Advisory Board for 8 years and has since moved her interest to the Las Vegas Senior Softball Association (LVSSA) Board of Directors.  She was the first woman President 2018 – 2020.

Laurie is manager and player on the Vegas Strong Woman’s 70s tournament team.  She was inducted into the LVSSA Hall Of Fame in 2018.

She is honored and humbled to serve our community as President of the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association since July 2017.  Laurie has met many interesting Metro officers and employees while researching and authoring more than 50 articles featuring Metro in the MVP All Points Bulletin. 

Laurie also spends free time as a Metro Volunteer and on the shooting range.  With her husband Dave, she has lived in LV since 2002, sharing their home with a dog and cat. “We have wonderful friends and enjoy life here.”

Verlan Mike Ward

Vice President

Mike Ward was born and raised in the St. Louis, Missouri area.  In 1970 he took a bold step to relocate his wife and five children to Las Vegas to pursue his career as an Operating Engineer with a concrete ready mix company.  After retiring from his own career, he helped his son build a family computer business and recently a hobby business.

In the year 2000, Mike found a new focus when he graduated from the CPA, spending the last 13+ years as a board member, along with 20 years as a LVMPD volunteer.

Mike looks forward to continuing his focus on achieving the outlook of the CPAAA and LVMPD, in helping to keep the awareness in the community and being a helping hand to the LVMPD.

Donna Klein


Donna was born in Oaks, Pennsylvania.  Upon graduating High School, she joined the US Air Force for a long fulfilling career.  After spending 22 years serving her country all over the world as a Munitions Maintenance/Logistics Director, she retired in 2000 as a Senior Master Sergeant.  Her retirement brought her to Las Vegas where she began her second career in healthcare. 

After working for Southwest Medical Associates, Healthcare Partners of Nevada, P3 HealthCare, and finally Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield as a Finance Director, Donna decided to wrap up her 20-year healthcare career and retire. 

Donna got involved with CPAAA upon graduating the CPA class in 2009 when Janet Delaney told her all about the exciting things the organization did to help Metro and our community.  Beginning as a Sales Associate to Janet Delaney as a Director At-Large, Donna went on to run the CPAAA Store once elected as a Board Director in February 2019.  She actively worked to widen the selection of logo items offered so our members can proudly display their support for our organization.  In 2019, Donna also volunteered to be the Chairperson to the CPAAA’s annual holiday party, which through auctions, raffles, and donations generates the highest amount of funds raised each year.

When not actively involved with CPAAA, Donna enjoys spending time with her husband Joey, her dog Stella, and her friends.  She loves to travel abroad exploring new places and also plans to expand her involvement with volunteering opportunities.

Janet Delaney

Recording Secretary

Janet’s life began in West Chester, PA in the loving Taliercio Italian family. She went to Cosmetology Academy after high school.

In 1957, Janet married Charles (Chuck) Delaney and they had four children. In 1969, his military assignment brought him and his family to Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, NV.

Since their children were getting older, Janet accepted a job at United Health Services as a Volunteer/Resource Coordinator. Involved in meetings, Janet and Sharon Harding met.

Thus, began Janet’s volunteering for Metro Volunteer Program and joining the Citizen’s Police Academy Alumni Association accepting Board positions and various MVP assignments. A great deal of satisfaction, joy and values of being with people and staying active tend to let volunteers  live longer and healthier

Sharon Harding

MVP Liaison

Sharon Harding grew up in Kansas then moved to Las Vegas to attend UNLV. She graduated with a degree in Business Management.  She has worked for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for over 25 years.  She started as a Fingerprint ID Technician, then worked as an Evidence Custodian and in November 2002 she promoted to the Volunteer Coordinator.  Currently she is responsible for over 500 volunteers ranging in age from 20-90 years old.  In 2019 our volunteers donated over 181,000 hours helping our community and LVMPD.

Lt. John (Andy) Hendricks

Metro Liaison

John (Andy) Henricksen was born and raised in Las Vegas and joined the Metro Family in 1995.  His father was an officer with LVMPD as he hired on with the City of Las Vegas PD in 1969 before the consolidation.  His father-in-law was a reserve officer with LVMPD during the 1980’s.  His wife (Lori Henricksen) was an LVMPD Dispatcher from 1990-2005 and in 2011 she created the 911 Law Enforcement Program at Veterans Tribute Career and Tech High School where she currently teaches for the CCSD. 

Andy is starting his 26th year with LVMPD and has held many positions on the department.  As an officer, Andy has worked in Patrol, Problem Solving Unit, Bike/COP Squad, and the Gang Crimes Unit (both enforcement and investigations).  As a sergeant, Andy worked in Patrol and then was the Academy Sergeant where he trained almost 1200 officers in 9 years. As a Lieutenant, Andy was assigned to the NEAC dayshift which also had the areas Community Oriented Policing Team and the Overton Resident Section.  In 2017, he transferred to the K9 Section in the Emergency Operations Bureau and transferred to the Organizational Development Bureau in June 2018. He is assigned to Section III which has the Emergency Vehicle and Operations (EVOC), Reality Based Training (RBT), Advanced Officer Skills Training (AOST), and the Multi Assault Counter Terrorism Action Capabilities (MACTAC). 

Andy and Lori have 3 children (triplet girls) that just graduated college from Black Hills State University in South Dakota. All 3 girls were attending on partial athletic scholarships with the University Softball Team. One daughter has elected to take her COVID red-shirt eligibility and play one more year of softball while she starts her Master of Science of Strategic Leadership. She has convinced Andy to enroll in the master’s program with her. They start in the Fall of 2021. 

With his families’ dedication to LVMPD, their deep roots in the Las Vegas Valley, and vested interest in the community, he is excited to continue building relationships with others, both in public safety and those the LVMPD serves.  He is grateful for the opportunity to be engaged with CPA and other community members.  He believes this helps the LVMPD to identify the areas that we do well and those areas we can improve to make our community the safest in America.

Capt Hector Cintron

Metro Liaison

Hector Cintron is a Captain with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. He has worked in a variety of assignments with the police department. Such as Patrol, Traffic, Gang Investigations, and the Armor unit to name a few.

Captain Cintron is currently the bureau commander of the Organizational Development Bureau commonly referred to as the Training Bureau. This includes the PO Academy unit, Firearms Training Unit, Drivers Training unit, Advanced Training unit, Reality Based Training Unit, Advanced Officer Skills Training Unit, and the Multi Assault Counter Terrorism Action Capabilities Unit.

Captain Cintron has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Managerial Finance from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He has been married for 25 years and is blessed with three daughters. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his family, exercising, reading leadership books and a variety of novels. He also has dedicated his time to mentor and coach for Southern Nevada youth local sports teams.

Officer Sam Diaz

Metro Liaison

Sam Diaz received the “John W. Wrentmore” Memorial Award for Leadership.

LVMPD Officer / NLPOA, & Las Vegas Clark County Chapter member

Officer Sam Diaz from Bolden Area Command was recommended to the Air Force of Office of Special Investigations (OSI) by Sergeant John Harney.

Sam Diaz enlisted in the Air Force Reserves as a Technical Sergeant. Officer Diaz began the Criminal Investigators Training Program at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Glynco, Georgia in April 2014. He was class leader during the course as class superintendent. Officer Diaz received the Distinguished Expert Marksmanship score and the FLETC Director’s Leadership Award. Sam was voted this award by his class as the student who most exemplifies the highest standards and embodies the leadership characteristic of a federal law enforcement officer. The award is given to the student who exhibits the following behavior while in basic training; positively influences others; serves as a role model; is responsible to themselves and others; is a problem-solver; exemplifies excellence; does more than expected; cares about fellow classmates; puts others first and is team-oriented; inspires goodwill and enthusiasm; and is loyal, helpful, respectful, thoughtful, and ethical.

During the Air Force Office of Special Investigations Basic Special Investigators Course, Technical Sergeant Sam Diaz was a student detachment Special Agent in-Charge and was selected by his class for the John W. Wrentmore Memorial Award for Leadership. Sam Diaz graduated on September 11th, 2014 and became a Special Agent with OSI. He was proud to represent The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the National Latino Peace Officers Association during his training.

Monica Casillas


I have worked for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) for 15 years, where I have served in a variety of different sections such as Records, Downtown Area Command (DTAC), Body Worn Camera (BWC) Unit and most recently Systems Administration Unit (SAU). In 2007, I joined the first Hispanic Citizen’s Police Academy (HCPA) where I have assisted, supported the program, and seen over 900 students graduate. Many former students recently joined the CPAAA, I am proud and honored to be the new member of the Board of Directors for the CPAAA.  My goal is to serve as both a member and as part of the community the best way I can.

I am a breast cancer survivor, where I have been cancer-free since 2018. When I am not serving the community, I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren and friends I call my family here in Las Vegas. When I am not in Las Vegas, I travel often to Mexico, where my parents are retired and where I lived for 5 years of my life, which is why I understand the challenges of adapting to different environments, culture, and way of life.  I am grateful for the opportunities to serve the CPAAA and the community and to positively influence the future of the CPAAA.

Charity Koschnick


I am 44 years old – born and raised in Las Vegas but have lived in many places – California, Illinois, Ohio and Germany.

I have 2 daughters; one living in Illinois and the other in Washington State with my 2 grandsons 4 and 8 years old.  I am not married but have been with the same boyfriend for 14 years.

I love psychology & have taken several college classes in that content area.

For the last 6+ years I am a manager for Applebees.  Before that I managed night club venues for 15 years.

I want to further my career in law enforcement in the next 1-2 years.  The CPA class was extremely beneficial in having an overview of opportunities in this field.

I am a C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team) volunteer that works along with 1st responders. 

Johanna Walter


Johanna Walter was born and raised in Southern California. For the last 16 years her career is in the Loss Prevention Safety and Hazmat field, working throughout California, Southern Nevada, and Northern Arizona. In late 2011, she moved to Las Vegas to continue her career. Since January of 2017, Johanna has given back to the community with more than 1100 hours of volunteer service. Through the Trauma Intervention Program of Southern Nevada (TIP), she has assisted first responders including LVMPD and others in Clark County, spending time with survivors, victims, family members, witnesses, and other bystanders directly on-scene. “I was able to offer emotional and physical support, and provide information as needed. In addition to on scene volunteering, I dispatched for TIP, working closely with dispatchers for LVMPD, CC Fire, LV Fire, etc. While dispatching, I was the acting supervisor on duty for Southern Nevada.” She graduated the Citizens Police Academy in class 1-2018 and joined the CPAAA. Most recently, in January of 2019, she became a volunteer with LVMPD’s MVP program. “I am honored to be a board member with the CPAAA.”

Gerrie Holmes

Member at Large

I have lived in Las Vegas nearly my whole life.  In my first career I was a Personnel Director (that’s what we called it back then) for a corporation that owned casinos. I worked at LVMPD from 1999 through 2015 and was also a volunteer at this time as Treasurer for the CPAAA since 2004. Since retiring, I volunteer at the LVMPD Academy on Cheyenne in addition to the CPAAA and am a docent at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park.  I am married and have 3 sons, 7 grandchildren and 2 great-grand daughters.  My husband, Larry and I enjoy traveling in our new motor home.

Cookie Penton


Cookie Panno-Penton moved to Las Vegas from Chicago in 1979.  She started working at the Fremont Hotel/Casino in January 1980.  She is still there.

She has two children: Tara and Tommy plus two inherited boys from her marriage to Bob Penton. Together they have seven grandchildren and two doggies; Simon and Oliver.  They run the house.

Cookie became an MVP in 2001 which launched her into the Citizens’ Police Academy.  She has had been Vice-President and is presently a Director charged with booking guest speakers and posting our pictures, synopsis and announcements on the CPAAA Facebook page.  It’s turned into a big job with her thoughts of covering the day-to-day activities that CPAAA gets into and involved with.  In each of her 20 years she has always been an active and vital member of the CPAAA.

Verlan Mike Ward

Vice President

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